Star Wars Death Star Ugly Sweater Style Sweatshirt

This year you can commemorate the vacations in a galaxy far, far away with this Star Wars Death Star sweatshirt. Despite the fact that you are right here. It will keep you warm and looking geeky.

deathstar shirtzoom in

The leading row features tauntauns and trees. Next you have the Death Star and some TIE Boxers. Under that are a bunch of rebel ships, all ready to take on that moon space station. It is all done up in a synthetic sweater pixel design.

If you discover sweaters uncomfortable, this is the sweatshirt for you this vacation season. It needs to impress your family and friends this Christmas. You can get it for $ 25(USD) from Lookhuman.



Sriracha2Go: Pocketful of Spice

Once you go sriracha, you can’t go back. Simply a drop of sriracha hot sauce will certainly provide whatever you’re having an additional kick – – a kick that you didn’t understand it required up until you’ve tasted it. It’s impractical to haul that bottle of sriracha with you whenever you dine in a restaurant, so it’s a good idea some enterprising folks came up with Sriracha2Go.

sriracha to go 1magnify

As the name suggests, it’s generally a teeny tiny bottle created to lug 1.25 ounces of sriracha so you can have your fill whenever and any place you seem like it.

sriracha to go 2 620x231magnify

Sriracha2Go is refillable and comes with a carabiner so you can clip it onto your bag or handbag to have your preferred chili sauce at bay. It’s available online for $ 7(USD) for a single, $ 15 for a three-pack, and $ 35 for a ten-pack. Sadly, the sauce is not consisted of.

[via Gear Hungry]


The Role of Informatics in Accountable Care Organizations?


As part of the Masters Program in Health Informatics, I produced videos on The Role of Informatics for Accountable Care Organizations. Hyperlinks are below. I will certainly be updating this post with videos every week.

Secret Knowing

Goals are:

  • To talk about the establishment of ACO Models of care and legislation that created them.
  • We will likewise learn about the philosophy, eligibility and characteristics of Accountable Care Organizations and the various designs of care.
  • We will certainly discuss managing health of ACO patients and the current proof and national circulation of ACOs
  • We will talk about finest practices for managing care and techniques to analyze spaces in patient care in addition to the obstacles faced by ACOs
  • Wellness Informatics and the tools that can be utilized to keep track of performance standards, produce reports of quality metrics and the procedure for evaluating large amounts of information will certainly likewise be reviewed.
  • Naturally huge quantities of information to assess need devices and innovation so we will discuss the kinds of tools utilized.
  • In addition, you will certainly read about job interviews conducted with ACO Executives throughout the nation covering their background, how they collaborate care and the innovations they make use of.
  • Finally you will gain insights and viewpoints about the future of ACOs from these executives.

# 1 Accountable Care Organizations#

2 Wellness Managment for ACOs

# 3 Informatics, Big Data and Accountable Care Organizations#

4 Informatics and Innovation in ACOs

# 5 Informatics and Big Data

# 6 Interviews with ACO Executives

# 7 Existing and Future ACO Innovation Needs


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